All will be new as it was before by June 2023.

A story of rediscovery

In the centre of the diocesan city of Brixen, under the arches, stands the townhouse of the Hotel Fink, due to be refurbished in the coming months. Uncovering the historic structure and respectfully renovating the old oriels and frescoes will create space in order to revive the building’s original character. The nine suites, restaurant and spa, all lovingly furnished in a clear and purist style, underline the townhouse’s cloistered atmosphere.

The fink restaurant and suites will be ready to welcome you from June 2023

Our path is one of mindfulness

The care with which we are refurbishing the townhouse, with its old wooden doors, round arches and antiquarian furniture, further represents the approach that defines the new fink.

Furnishings and building materials are selected according to ecological and sustainable criteria. The restaurant interprets the wisdom of the cooking arts of the monks of old, making use of ingredients from nearby monastery gardens and local farms.

Keep up to date

We will be happy to keep you informed about the progress made on the new fink restaurant and suites.