Under the Brixen arcades

The Restaurant
with warm kitchen arround the clock

Restaurant Fink Südtirol Italien

Family Fink-Hinteregger

The new generation by Fink

The future depends on what you do today.

Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

Not everything is the same as it was and this is good so. Petra & Florian manage the restaurant in the fourth generation. They attach great importance to respecting the natural cycle of nature and sustainable functioning. Each dish and each drink is carefully selected, products and ingredients are sought that cover short transport routes, are produced fairly and are seasonal. We are waiting for you!

Restaurant Fink Südtirol Italien Unterschrift Familie Fink Hinteregger

Owner Florian Fink

Chef de cuisine and owner

My South Tyrolean cuisine

(C) Hannes Niederkofler - Florian Fink

Our classic dishes

South Tyrolean traditional cuisine

The Schlutzer , meaning 'half moons', also known as Schlutzkrapfen, are a semi-circular stuffed pasta, similar to ravioli. The dough is made of white and buckwheat flour. Typical filling includes ricotta and spinach.

Our wine philosophy

100 % South Tyrol

South Tyrol is one of the smallest wine areas in Europe, this province stands out for its exceptional variety and particularly favorable climatic conditions. The pleasant framework formed by the characteristic vineyards against the backdrop of the imposing scenery of snow-capped peaks is a symbol and emblem of extraordinary wines. A landscape created and shaped by countless generations of winemakers.

The Mitterflitz farm at Val di Funes

Each egg from a happy chicken

All our products and dishes are now made 100% with eggs from happy hens. They live on the farm in Funes, with the best view of the Odle.

In the interview

Antonia Fink - Senior innkeeper

On nettles from the forest, country-style cooking with a mediterranean twist, and her discerning guests.

The dumplings do not wait!

Antonia Fink

Grandfather Hans Fink


Folklorist and dialect poet (1912-2003)

Kommt ein Gast in unser Land, wird er häufig überrannt, nicht von Damen, nein von Namen, die vom Süden zu uns kamen….

Folklorist and dialect poet (1912-2003)

The Restaurant at Brixen

authentic & good

The Best of the simple! We are waiting for you ...Fam. Fink-Hinteregger & Team