Restaurant Fink

Corporate Philosophy

Enjoy the best South Tyrolean cuisine and wines in a pleasant atmosphere with an excellent South Tyrolean hospitality. Particularly important for us: short transport routes, fair production processes, guaranteed quality. All of our dishes are prepared 100% without glutamate or flavor enhancers.
All food is processed in-house and freshly prepared for you.

Restaurant Fink Südtirol Italien Unternehmens Philosophie


When selecting our products, we make sure to generate the shortest possible delivery routes. 70% of our goods come directly from South Tyrol, 20% from Italy, 10% from the EU.


We make sure that all animal products come from animals from good husbandry, preferably these are bought directly by local farmers known to us. We pay fair prices to our producers and process all products according to the PRINCIPLE NO WASTE – so you will find on our menu not only precious parts but also the kidney, the liver, the veal head.


The best of simplicity... whether vegetables, fruits, meat, wine or cereals, everything is carefully selected according to the best quality and seasonality. Products of the respective season take precedence. This is how we design our menu for you according to the season. In spring and summer with dishes of fresh herbs, berries and salads, in autumn with pumpkin, fine game dishes and chestnuts, in winter with dishes of the Puster Valley potato, fermented vegetables and pickled fruits.

Our philosophy

Don't demand quality only for the products that you buy, but also in life the person who made it.

Orsola de Castro

Our address

Kleine Lauben 4, 39042 Brixen